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Sagu (Brasilian Grape Tapioca Pudding)

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

2/3 c tapioca pearls

2 c grape juice

1/4 c sugar (taste)

Cook pearls in water, until transparent. Rinse the pearls in water until it isn’t as gooey.

In a medium sauce pan bring the sugar and the grape juice to slow boil.  Add the tapioca pearls.  Let it cook for a little bit until it thickens. Let it cool, refrigerate and serve.  This makes about 4 servings. You can double the recipe, just make sure to keep an eye on the amount of juice you add.  Sometimes the tapioca thickens the juice very fast.  If you feel it necessary, you can add a little more juice.  If it is not thickening very quickly, remember it will thicken as it cools.  This all depends on how well you were able to rinse pearls. It can get really gooey!

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