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Cache Valley and Aggie Ice Cream

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Recently, we went on a trip to Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah with some friends. What a fun, relaxing time.  Isn’t it great to spend time with friends and family at a beautiful location.  Bear Lake was just over the top great!

Amongst all the swimming, relaxing, site seeing, movie watching, playing games, cooking and eating… did I mention eating… all the tastey food!!!….,  we did make a little trip to Logan to the Cache Valley Cheese and Aggie ice cream place for a tour.

Mr. Randall  Bagley, Associate Director and Dairy Plant Manager, welcomed us and taught us about how they make their cheese.   Did you know it takes an average of  1,500 gallons of milk  to make  150 lb of cheese? Wow! That is a lot of milk! Their cows are milked twice, everyday.

We also were able to sample 3 of their cheeses.  First up was a delicious smoky Swiss called Old Ephraim; very mild and just amazing.  Next, a Jalapeno cheddar; very good. But, my favorite was their award winning  cheddar!  Old Juniper, an aged cheddar cheese that won first place on the Idaho Milk Produce Association. A very tasty cheddar cheese indeed!

After our cheese tour, we decided to try some of their ice cream. Yum!  Every time we go to an ice cream store, my son asks for “blue ice cream”, not sure where he saw this… or why he asks for it, but he was lucky at the Aggie.  They have a very milk blue mint ice cream.  Needless to say my son was very happy.

If you are ever in Logan stop by and check them out.   Enjoy!

Festival of Festivals!

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This has been a busy festival weekend!  We had an amazing time at the  Greek Festival last night, which goes through Sunday! and YES I am going today again!  This will make up for the time we missed it last year.

Today is also the Brazilian Festival at the Gateway Mall.  You cannot miss it.  I plan to spend the whole day jumping from festival to festival, enjoying company of friends, music and amazing food!

Here is a sample of what the Brazilian Festival has to offer this year!  Hope to see you there!

Greek Festival

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The Greek Festival started today!  I love this festival. We were introduced by friends of ours many years ago. Since then I’ve only missed it once because we were in Brasil at the time.  That happened last year. So this year it is almost like I am twice as hungry for their delicious food.

I will post pictures for sure! But I wanted to give everyone a heads up on an online coupon for free admittance to the festival!  Yes, more money to spend on food 😀

Thank you Zion’s Bank for the free admission!  Now lets go get some FOOD 😀