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Sautéed Baby Bok Choy

Tuesday Jul 6, 2010

Bok Choy, also known as Chinese Cabbage is a great vegetable to use for soup, stir-fry and other side dishes.  Here is how I like to make it as a side dish.

1 T olive Oil

2 cloves of Garlic

2 Baby Bok Choy or 1 Bok Choy (for this recipe I used baby bok choy)

Slice the Bok Choy and rinse it well.

In a frying pan heat the oil, add chopped garlic and let it get some color.  Then add cut Bok Choy. I like to add the stem cuts first and sear them for about 2 minutes before I add the leaves.  Let is cook until it is nice and tender.

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[…] I like to serve this with a nice green vegetable. Steamed broccoli, green beans or bok choy. […]

July 23rd, 2010 | 2:59 pm
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